Friday, May 16, 2008

Friday's Desktop Diary

I saw a similar "what's on my desk" post from another blog ( I found this quite interesting and decided to do the same.

My desktops (one for computer/office work; one for art/craft projects) are generally messy and always changing.

1) pile of switch plates to finish and send out to one of my stores

2) family symbol necklace - just finished for owner of an ecommerce site (hoping to sell said necklace on the ecommerce site)

3) mod podge - the elixir of decoupaging gods

4) x-acto knife - just replaced the blade this week; slices like butter; 2 fingers hurt

5) 'switch it' package labels

6) handle of my brayer - a very useful tool

7) mistakes from which I'm trying to salvage the pieces

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