Thursday, May 15, 2008

Computer Crisis Over...for now!

Got the computer back and its working fine. Don't know what happened but all is well. The computer tech didn't even charge me. That's big in a day when people find ways to charge you just for walking in the door!

So, we're still a PC family. But I know it won't be long until I reunite with Mac!

One thing I've learned from this ordeal is that its worth paying for an automatic back-up system! I'm not so great about backing my files up regularly. I signed up for a free account at and could at least access some of my files. I'm now signing up for their $4.95/month service which gives me unlimited storage space. They back up automatically so its effortless. Frankly, at $60.00/year, that is worth it! I'm keeping my bookkeeping separate, but am happy to know that my graphics, marketing materials, photos, and everything else are safe. BTW, a programmer friend has been using this for years and if he trusts this then so do I.

I must admit that it was nice to step away from my computer for several days. I still had access to a laptop and could do many of my routine things, but the excuse was great!

Relieved, I'm off to sew...

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