Friday, April 4, 2008

Rants of an indie business owner

This is one of my favorite pendants. It was really inspired by my two sweet boys, whom I love dearly but can't stand listening to them whine. It is also a reminder to myself to not whine. However, whining is cathartic and sometimes necessary. So...

I had one of those days yesterday...returned merchandise, lost shipment, tax preparation/procrastination, etc. What a bummer! I must confess, there are days when I ask myself, "why am I doing this?" Do you have days you want to quit your indie business? Please tell me I'm not alone!

After feeling sorry for myself, I am reminded that I LOVE what I do and would never be able to stop doing what I LOVE. So, today I'm going to run off to yoga, have lunch with a friend, and work on an awesom custom bag.

It's okay to have a little whine with our business. Cheers!

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