Thursday, March 20, 2008

Random Inspiration

Sometimes I lie in bed at night, my mind racing, with design ideas. It is really exciting to have those creative juices flowing. Of course, I always worry that inspiration won't return. I never know how or when I'll be inspired...or if the inspiration can be successfully translated.
I love walking the aisles at my local hardware (or big name hardware) stores. I'm there too often to admit, but I find myself looking at various items and rethinking their usefulness. Some time back, I picked up a carriage bolt and knew it would make a great handle for a bag. I then found copper pipe and thought the same. I love combining unexpected elements, particularly industrial elements with classic designs and materials.

Here are the new clutches:

I just love these bags! They are modern and tailored, comfortable to carry, and very functional.
They are great to carry in the evening but I also like throwing my wallet in one to run off to the store.
After making one last night, the shape brought me back to my childhood. I had a metallic purple, Schwinn bike with a flowered banana seat (I know I just dated myself). Of course, it had all the great accessories - handle bar tassels, spoke clackers, and a beautiful white, patent faux leather saddle bag. My new "hardware clutches" are shaped exactly like my white saddle bag!
Something I had not thought of in ?? years.

It's great when random things come together!

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